“Généalogie stems from the most authentic roots of champagne.
It is a tribute to history and to the distant origins of our Maison in a selection of vintage wines from our best harvests of recent decades.
This limited edition is dedicated to true connoisseurs.”

– Stéphane Revol, President and CEO

A tribute to history

Some stories have ancient roots. Like that of our Maison, which traces its origins back as far as the 13th century, when the first strain of Chardonnay was planted in the Côte-des-Bars in the Aube region. It is from that moment that the genealogy of not only Comte de Montaigne, but that of all champagnes, began in the heart of France. It was precisely the shoots imported from Cyprus and given to the Cardinal of Troyes by the Comte de Champagne on his return from the Crusades that began the tradition of growing a variety of vine that would be destined to change the world of French wine culture forever.

Généalogie is the bearer of a tale that unravels between the folds of time,
intended for those who know how to listen.

The other Champagne, the authentic one

It took over six centuries and a popular rebellion to legitimise the bubbles of the Aube using the name champagne. The reason why its neighbouring Marne region has always been wrongly associated with the origin of champagne is actually that its producers were the first to realize the potential of the Chardonnay grape variety and prevented the vignerons of the Aube from using the appellation and marketing it for centuries.
Comte de Montaigne becomes the ambassador for the history of the authenticity of the “other Champagne,” that of the Aube, and pays tribute to it with Généalogie, the Maison’s great vintage, the highest expression of its founding values.

the sublimation of Comte de Montaigne DNA.”

Philippe Narcy – Winemaker

The roots

They descend from the neck of the bottle and envelop it in an embrace that tastes of earth, clay and stones. These are the roots of Comte de Montaigne, which intimately link each of our cuvées to the beating heart of the Côte-des-Bars terroir in the Aube. As they branch out along the glass, the roots on the Généalogie bottle emphasise a close relationship with nature and the ancient foundations of the Maison.

Like a precious fruit of the earth, the unique one of the Côte-des-Bars, and centuries of tradition,
Généalogie emerges from the enveloping embrace of nature
to reveal itself to the world.

An ode to origins

Celebrating genesis in its various meanings and thus also the origin of production, the act of creation of not only the Comte de Montaigne cuvées, but of all champagnes, is one of the impulses behind Généalogie. The opening of the first buds of the vine, the oscillation of the aphrometer needle that monitors the progress of the prise de mouse, the energy and dynamism that is released in the form of froth during uncorking, the liveliness of the perlage that expands in the glass… Généalogie is an ode to the origins and all the crucial moments in the life of every champagne.

A story of authenticity, passion and creativity
is about to be told…

A glimpse into the future

This exclusive edition, produced in just a few numbered pieces, is a tribute not only to the centuries-old tradition in which Comte de Montaigne has its origins, but also to its more recent history and the future. Conceived as a precious treasure to be handed down to the generations of tomorrow, like a casket of stories from the distant past, Généalogie spans time. In the same way, the Maison, which never forgets its ancient roots, is looking to the future and innovation.

The 2008 Vintage reveals itself in a pretty pale-yellow with reflections of gold. The fine perlage plays with light creating an intense persistent crown. On the nose, it is elegant and complex, indicating long aging on the yeasts. Notes of warm brioche pair with aromas of tart-tatin, vanilla, honey, quince paste, and candied lemon zest.

On the palate, the Vintage is tonic and refreshing, typical characters of 2008. We find ripe yellow citrus and plum. The foam is creamy with an elegant bubble. The clay-limestone terroir confers a great minerality and an exceptional aromatic persistence with nice blood-orange notes. Perfect to be enjoyed with a baked turbot or scallop tartare.

The 2012 Vintage reveals itself in a pretty pale yellow dress with reflections of old gold. Many trains of fine bubbles play in the light and braid a lovely persistent crown.
On the nose, it is elegant and complex, indicating a long aging on the yeasts. Notes of warm brioche combine themselves with aromas of Tarte Tatin, vanilla, yellow plum jam, acacia honey, white pepper and cedar.

AlOn the palate, the 2012 Vintage is creamy and refreshing. The dosage of 6g/L gives great vinosity of ripe citrus fruits and white peach, with a resumption of toasted notes.

The clay-limestone terroir confers it a great minerality and an exceptional aromatic persistence.

Comte de Montaigne

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